Gasmig is the one exclusive distributor of piped natural gas in Minas Gerais State, through concession granted by the State Government in 1993. It presently serves the industrial, commercial, residential, automotive and thermoelectric segments.​

The Company is one of the fastest-growing natural gas distributors in Brazil. The total volume of gas distributed by the Company, which in 2003 was 381 million m³, has reached a historical record in 2012, with the 1,323 miliion m³ mark. In addition, Gasmig's distribution network has more than tripled its size, which by the end of 2013 passed the milestone of 800 km in length. Over R$ 1 billion has been invested in expansion projects.

Currently, the Company is hosted in the Greater Belo Horizonte area, as well as the Vale do Aço, South of Minas, Mantiqueira and Campo das Vertentes areas, and in some municipalities of the central Minas Gerais State. The total number of customers presently served by the Company reaches more than 1,000, including 104 major industrial facilities and 80 Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) fueling stations.

We also have a virtual pipeline distribution system in order to provide with liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) the clients that are not located around our physical distribution network.

Gasmig is also entering into the residential and small urban businesses segments. The main goal is to achieve 40,000 customers by the end of 2017.

Our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability programs focus on attending social problems along the communities related to the Company's operations and also on preserving the cultural heritage of Minas Gerais, by making it accessible to a greater number of people. Every year, we expend a percentage of our profits on projects that intend to promote health and improve education, for assisting the community development.

Companhia de Gás de Minas Gerais - Gasmig
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